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Will a lender accept my request for a loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, it’s possible to get accepted for a bad credit loan when you send your online inquiry to us at Direct Cash Advance. We’ll lead you to a special group of lenders who are willing to offer loans to consumers with bad credit. They will perform a fast credit review and give you a quick answer if you are accepted. Then you’ll get an offer to sign so you can get your money without a lot of waiting and worrying. You’ll find out more when you send in your online request form.

What’s a bad credit score and how is it evaluated?

Credit scores are evaluated by a standardized system known as FICO. Using this system, your personal spending and payment history can be reviewed. If your history shows that you have been late in making payments, that will count against your credit score. Another factor checked is the amount of money you owe today. If you have a lot of bills to pay and carry a lot of debt, that will also count against you. When a final score is given, it needs to be more than 620 or it is tagged as a bad credit score. However, even if your score is less than 620 you can still ask for bad credit loans online. We have lenders waiting to help people who have bad credit but need money for an emergency.

How important is the credit score?

When you want to apply for a loan or for additional credit, your credit score will be checked. If it’s less than 620 according to FICO, a lender could look at you as a high risk consumer. Your lender would want to know if you will pay back a loan according to the terms of the agreement. To cover increased risk, your lender might ask for extra documents or prepare an offer with terms that are more strict. It’s always best to try to improve your credit score.

How can I fix my credit score?

The easiest way to get a better credit score is to make it a steady habit to always pay bills on time. Every time you send in a late payment, it affects your credit score. If you’re in debt, prepare a plan to try to get it paid off. Less debt and always paying bills when they are due will help your credit score substantially. Contact us for more details.

I want to improve my bad credit status, but I can’t do it alone. Can someone help me?

Sure! You can ask friends and neighbors or go online to look for financial professionals who can help people with a bad credit score. You can find organizations or private individuals who offer this service. Check their customer reviews to find out what others are saying before you choose, so that you will be confident in sharing your financial concerns. If you trust the person helping you, you’re more likely to value the advice you get and take the tough steps towards repairing your credit rating. Good luck with that!

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